The faster than desired release

Who is the Ancient Angler? The short answer is Tim Mead. The long answer takes longer.

Ancient implies around a long time.   I first began fishing with Dad. Family legend has it that he took me fishing on the small lake behind the house in Arcadia, Michigan.   We caught crappie until the minnows ran out.   I cried when we had to go home.

From that time to the present, I fished with Dad all over Michigan for bass, pike, trout, walleyes –anything we thought we could catch.   We fished for pike and walleyes on fly-in outpost trips in Ontario, for largemouth bass at the heyday of Currituck Sound in North Carolina.

When I was in junior high, my parents bought land in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.   There a long-standing appreciation of pike and pike fishing began.   With Mom and sister Nancy, we fished for perch and other panfish.   Good times, fondly remembered.   A couple of times a year, I return to the family cabin.   With the careful assistance of son Craig and daughter-in-law Rebecca, the next generation, Alexis and Thomas, are being bought into the great angling family.

To pass the time on family trips, we often played the then popular TV game “What’s My Line?”   I was always easy to guess because I picked first base for the Detroit Tigers or outdoor writer.   Couldn’t hit quality curve balls, so – after a long “other career” – here I am.

More recently, my fishing horizons have expanded.   Often with Craig (and sometimes with wife Nancy and Rebecca), I have fished for rainbow trout, Arctic char, sockeye and silver salmon in Alaska; pike, smallmouth bass, walleyes and lake trout in Ontario, particularly Quetico Park; monster pike in Saskatchewan,; muskies in Michigan, Quebec, North Carolina and Kentucky; largemouth bass throughout the southeast; smallmouth bass and trout in North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama.   In all, 15 states and 5 Canadian Provinces have benefitted from my fishing license purchases.

Some 25 years ago I got an invitation from Aaron Pass, then Editor of North Carolina Game and Fish, to write an article about any place in North Carolina to catch largemouth bass.   I was surprised.   Perhaps the “What’s My Line?” gig would really happen.   I wrote about Currituck Sound, then one of North America’s best largemouth spots.   Aaron like my article, bought it, and assigned many more.   Fishing magazines like quality photos, so the need to compliment my articles required me to indulge another long-time interest – photography.   Under the tutelage of folks like Soc Clay I improved my photography skills and am confident when I submit images they will meet editorial needs.

Upshot: I’ve published several hundred articles and a comparable number of photos in regional and national magazines, been cited by both the Outdoor Writers Association of American and the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association for “Excellence in Craft” for magazine articles, and am a Past President of the latter.

I am available for assignment for articles and my photo library may have just the image you are seeking.   Let me know if I can help.

           Last updated on ...March 21, 2010